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Our Principles

United Wealth Management: Your Financial Co-Pilot

We are structured to serve you. As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are in the business of delivering meaningful advice and experienced follow-through. “Advisors” in any other structure may make recommendations, but they earn their keep by executing trades and selling products. How reliable can the advice be if they are not in a fiduciary relationship with you (as we are), and are not obligated to serve your highest financial interests (as we do)?

We are fee-only. To further tighten our bond with you, we refuse all commissions and any other third-party compensation that may distract our focus on your well-being. (Don’t be fooled by “fee-based;” it’s not the same thing.)

We bring you financial clarity. We are enthused about helping you achieve those critical “ah ha!” moments, so you can contribute to your financial success as a more confident investor.

We’ve got your back. We hope you’ll remain informed and engaged, but you get to delegate many of the granular details to us. We take care of monitoring and managing your portfolio, minimizing unnecessary costs, reporting (and explaining) the results that matter, and acting promptly on your questions and comments.

We keep you in good company. By using Dimensional Fund Advisors for the core of your portfolio, we’re aligned with a fund manager who shares and helps us practically apply our low-cost, evidence-based strategy.

We respect your autonomy. While you grant us limited power of attorney to execute trades for you, your assets are held independently in your name in your Schwab brokerage account or at another custodian who reports directly to you, so you can keep an eye on your assets.

Our Offices

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