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Evidence-Based, Patient, Disciplined

If you were an investor in 2008, you know that financial markets can teach costly lessons to those who venture in unprepared. When markets grow frightening or frothy, investors tend to let their complex emotions overtake their reasoning.

That’s where we come in, to help you get on track, and stay there. Our investment strategy is to build a strong, customized portfolio – girded by patient discipline and guided by four essential tenets:

  1. Market exposure – To capture market returns, participate in its expected long-term growth.
  2. Risk and Expected Reward – Carefully manage risk and reward to reflect your unique goals.
  3. Diversification – Diversify globally to dampen market risk.
  4. Cost Control – Eliminate unnecessary costs to enhance returns.

These tenets are not just our opinions. They’re based on more than a half-century of academic inquiry into efficient market theory, applied by ourselves, and a number of fund managers and other colleagues who are proponents of “Our Investment Strategy” (You may also hear it called passive investing.”)

Retire with the independence and dignity you deserve.

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