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Challenge Your Assumptions

Like many United pilots, you seek:

  • A less worrisome way to manage your family wealth
  • Greater confidence that your PRAP, PBGC, social security and any military benefits are securely positioned
  • More control over your financial future

Move in a fresh direction with your wealth management.

Most investors … think they (or their highly paid gurus) have to somehow beat the market or predict its next moves to build wealth. Evidence tells us it’s quite the opposite. Learn about Our Investment Strategy.

Many money managers … fall short in explaining what they are doing for you and how much you’re paying them to do it. If your financial relationships depend more on blind trust than informed buy-in, you’re probably overpaying for underwhelming results. Get to know United Wealth Management

Most investment portfolios … are hinged on hope instead of reason, with little sense of whether the outcome is really working for you. If you don’t base your investment strategy on your personal long-term goals, there’s no way to know your measure of success. It takes reasoned planning.

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