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Qualified Charitable Distributions - Pre SECURE Act Thumbnail

Qualified Charitable Distributions - Pre SECURE Act

Retirement Tax Planning

We’ve seen throughout my videos the importance of managing tax-deferred accounts. Once you’re over 72 , you’re forced to take out required minimum distributions. And that can be troublesome to your tax bill. It used to be that charitable donations could help you manage that bill through itemizing deductions.  They can still be itemized and deducted, but with recent changes in the tax law charitable donations need to be quite a bit larger to make a difference to your tax bill.   And that may be difficult.  What can make more sense today are Qualified Charitable Distributions or QCDs.  If you are charitably inclined QCDs can help you manage your RMDs and lower you tax bill,  even with the higher standard deduction.  This video was made before the passing of the SECURE Act. That bill effected some aspects of QCDs which this video will not reflect.